Talking Flight Monitor’s pricing model revealed, a sim update 15 bug and more

Welcome along to this latest TFM blog post. This week, we’ll be covering, amongst other points, the pricing for the upcoming release, the new TFM ticket system, and a sim update 15 bug that means you should not update to the beta just yet.

Pricing Model

We will be charging 9.99 dollars per month, or 100 dollars per year, for access to the TFM subscription. This will include the latest TFM version with frequent feature updates, the ability to apply for beta versions, and the ability to receive official support.

We believe this pricing model is proportionate to the value you as a consumer will receive, particularly with reference to upcoming features, some of which are under investigation as we speak. It also ensures that the project will remain sustainable in the longer-term.

A reminder that for the moment, the old release version of TFM remains freely available on the site up until the release of the subscription model. We will speak more at the time of the paid release with regard to keeping a free, unsupported version of tfm around, but rest assured this, alongside the pricing model, have been carefully considered.

sim update 15 fmc bug

Some users have reported having difficulties with tfm and the pmdg 737 in MSFS sim update 15, in that the output of the FMC could not be received. We believe this is an issue on Microsoft’s end, as many users have reported having blackouts within the cockpit in various aircraft and with FSUIPC7 uninstalled. We hope this issue will be fixed before the release, and believe it is something Microsoft are looking into at the time of writing.

support ticketing system

TFM has a new ticketing system which allows users to receive support. Visit

to send a request, and it will be catalogued so that an agent can respond. Note that bug reports and suggestions will be handled through a different platform once we have the release out and the beta cycle up and running. This system is for support if you as a user are having difficulties with a part of talking flight monitor’s operation. Other unofficial channels, such as WhatsApp groups, remain open but are, as always, more difficult to organise.


Applications for documentation remain open at this time. Drop a member of the team a private message or send an email to with your application. Refer to the previous post for full details, but note that this application can be for video or written documentation, with an example included for one of the MCP boxes for the pmdg 737 within tfm. We will leave applications open for at least a further week, and will let you know when they are closed. Keep in mind we may form a small team for this project if necessary.

concluding thoughts

Thanks for sticking with us through this transition. Stay tuned for more information as we near the release. We hope to soon be able to turn away from talk of a transition and toward talk of feature roadmaps. The 737 remains to be finished, whilst some other features are currently in the early stages of exploration.

As always, send in thoughts, suggestions and requests, we will try to provide an official response.