adding copilot functionality

Hello all,

I wanted to take some time to pop in here and assure people that I’m still around.

Due to time commitments with work and personal life, I haven’t had near as much time to work on TFM directly as I did in the past. Andy and I do talk on a regular basis though, and we discuss every new feature that is going into TFM.

Regarding features, I want to let people know that I have started working on adding some co-pilot features to TFM. Right now, I’m working on adding flows to TFM for the pMDG 737. This will be similar to what First Officer does. For now, the flows will need to be manually triggered, although we will most likely add automatic flows in the future. There will be a keyboard shortcut to bring up a dialog that will allow you to choose a flow to run.

Initially, the flows will not automatically program the FMC, other than setting the initial position. Once we add the Simbrief integration though, we will be able to program the FMC like First Officer does.

I’m currently working on the Pre-flight flow, and it’s going well. As usual, I’m not giving a timeframe for this. I just wanted to let folks know that it’s in progress.

We are also planning to add checklists in the future.