PMDG 737 rebuild, week 1: ADIRU panel

This past week, we started working on the rebuild for the PMDG 737 series of aircraft. The process requires moving around source code and building new user interface elements. This week we present a new IRU panel with some exciting new features. This new 737 panel allows a pilot to jump directly to major sections of the window, check the state of panel lights quickly, and going to TFM settings allows the pilot to change whether the switches and lights speak or stay silent. As an added bonus, the IRU panel sports two flashing IRU lights when the FMC is ready for the GPS coordinates found in the IRU display section of the panel. Below are the keyboard shortcuts for the IRU panel.


NOTE: The new IRU panel is named ADIRU and is found under the Aft Overhead when in the cockpit panels dialog.


  • ALT+D – jump to the display selector.
  • ALT+L – jump to the left IRU mode selector.
  • ALT+R – jump to the right IRU mode selector.
  • ALT+1…ALT+9 – jump to individual lights on the panel.


The panel lights will automatically announce their states when gaining focus. To check for the two flashing lights, press ALT+2 and ALT+3 for the left/right IRU indicators. Then, read current line with your preferred screen reader. If the value constantly changes between on and off, the indicator is blinking.

To provide feedback on TFM, feel free to fill out the contact form, and we will get back with you soon. To leave a feature request or bug report, press Ctrl+shift+I while TFM is running. This takes you to the GitHub issue queue where you can look up other bug reports and feature requests. If you see a similar bug or feature already posted, add a comment to it. Otherwise, feel free to create a new one.