Preview Releases

This page displays the latest preview release of Talking Flight Monitor.  Prereleases will be published whenever new features are added. These are development builds, so may not be suitable for production use.

If the only release displayed is the latest production version, then there are no preview releases currently available.

These releases will install as a separate application in order to protect your TFM released version.


Talking flight monitor 23.2 release notes

What's new?

  • Full support for the PMDG 737 series of aircraft in P3D and MSFS.
  • Started support for the PMDG 747 series of aircraft for P3D 4 and later.
  • Airports database improvements for MSFS.
  • Weather center where pilots can see the weather at their current location. Access with right bracket CONTROL+W.
  • New Cloud tracking command that automatically announces in/out of cloud. Turn on/off with right bracket CONTROL+O.
  • New customizable cloud command (Right bracket SHIFT+O) that announces information about clouds surrounding the aircraft.
  • New mute TFM command (Right bracket SHIFT+M) stops TFM from automatically announcing aircraft and weather changes.
  • New keyboard help command (right bracket question mark) announces basic descriptions of key presses.
  • New TFM database feature that stores speech history across TFM restarts. There is more planned for this feature, so stay tuned!
  • New quick help dialog that appears on first run of a new TFM install. It provides a few hints on how to get help with keyboard commands.
  • New settings to control what is announced in supported PMDG aircraft.
  • The wind command (right bracket I) is now customizable.
  • Where am I? (right bracket SHIFT+C) now announces runway length when the aircraft is positioned on a runway.
  • Where am I? (right bracket SHIFT+C) now announces the airport ICAO code when on the airport grounds if not on a taxiway, gate, or runway.
  • Removed Navigraph support.
  • Removed the freeware flight planner and related components. They were not compatible with the new airports database.