Preview Releases

This page displays the latest preview release of Talking Flight Monitor.  Prereleases will be published whenever new features are added. These are development builds, so may not be suitable for production use.

If the only release displayed is the latest production version, then there are no preview releases currently available.

These releases will install as a separate application in order to protect your TFM released version.


Talking flight monitor 22.7 Preview release notes

What's new?

  • PMDG 777: the MCP/autopilot keys to announce heading, altitude, and speed match the PMDG 737 output.
  • PMDG 737 Aft Overhead panels
    • ADIRU
    • PSEU
    • Service interphone
    • Dome lights
    • EEC
    • Oxygen
    • Gear
    • Flight recorder
  • Forward Overhead panels
    • Flight controls
    • Navigation/Displays
    • Fuel
    • Electrical
    • APU
    • Wipers
  • PMDG 737: Speech settings for panels listed above.
  • Ctrl+Shift+X - Restart TFM with a keyboard shortcut

Known issues

  • The ILS readouts stop when approach mode turns off.
  • The new ILS feature may not work as expected in the PMDG 747.

FS2020 notes and reminders

  • PMDG 737-700 for FS2020 hasn't released an SDK yet. TFM will not work until the SDK is released.
  • The announce perf init complete setting on the PMDG page of TFM settings is not working at this time.
  • TFM incorrectly announces aircraft instrument states in the FS2020 A320 Neo. A reminder that FS2020 is not supported by TFM, and usage results my not be as expected.